Antique Upholstered Wood Rocking Chair

This is such a nice Antique Rocking Chair. This would be great in a Bedroom, Nursery, Living Room . . . . . where ever you need a relaxing and beautiful chair.

 I especially love that Little Feet can be near you if you are rocking, yet they never get squished under the rocking motion, as the rocking mechanism is a bit higher than the base.  Not sure of the type of wood, please note the decorative carvings and such.  This could use new upholstery fabric, as it is a little worn, so you could choose a fabric to go perfect with the room you intend to place it in.  Easy to do yourself, as it just uses upholstery tacks--so easy!  This is also on metal casters for easy moving, or they can be removed if you prefer.

This is such a unique Rocking Chair, would be hard to find one like it.

Most of our items we will bring to Idaho Falls (or elsewhere when we are traveling) for your viewing; however, you will need to view this in Ririe, ID.  We can bring it with us when we come if it is paid for, so if you want to purchase but do not have a vehicle to transport, please speak to me.

Base measures 20" W x 25.5" D
Rocker is 40.5" H at the highest point in back